Asset Recovery

We have years of experience in returning client's assets.

Typically these assets include vehicles and other property that has been given on a rental agreement or given on a financial arrangement and the debtor has either failed to return the item to the creditor or has defaulted on any such arrangement in place.

Other circumstances where a writ of delivery may be used could include:

• Return of items on loan, for example jewellery loaned out for an event.
• Documents such as legal papers or historical records.
• Share certificates or bonds.
• Personal possessions not returned after a divorce agreement.


"I can’t thank NES enough for the professional way they dealt with a nasty tenant. Mr Minoli went out of his way to make every effort to protect me from the stress of it all and provided a better service than I could have expected. I can say with certainty that without help my former tenant would still be living in my property."


11 Years Experience

Nautilus Enforcement Services is an established professional business offering a range of specialist High Court and Civil Enforcement.

Through our network of local and nationwide connections we provide a complete bespoke service to our client; where all cases are worked individually and to the client's needs.

All of our Enforcement Agents are fully Certificated and indemnified, adhering to National Standards at all times.

We are proud to be members of the following associations:


Our client care is pivotal to our values, we provide a flexible transparent service whilst maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards. Our customer focused approach ensures we cut down the time between instruction & collection for all our clients.


We give our clients more for their money by providing fast resolution of High Court Enforcement, County Court Judgements (over £600), Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) and all aspects of residential & commercial landlord support.

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