Removal of Squatters & Fly Traders

Trespassers. Every landowners worst nightmare. Both fly traders and squatters are, unfortunately, a continuing problem to commercial landlords. Upon the discovery of trespassers in your premises you need to act quickly to ensure levels of damage and occupation are kept to a minimum.

We can help landowners to utilise their common law rights to the Tort of Tresspass. In essence, what this means is that the land will be returned back to the rightful owner.

We endeavour to ensure an early departure however some squatters may very well be resistant to being evicted under Common law and subsequently claim “Squatters Rights” (for more information on Common Law eviction click here)

In this situation few will gain an order of possession on your behalf then a transfer to to high court for a writ of possession which is then executed by us.

However, if it has been 28 days or less since you found that your property has been squatted you can gain an Interim Possession order which means that the squatters will have 24 hours to vacate after this order has been served upon them.

By instructing us you can ensure we will act lawfully, diligently and promptly with you, the client in mind.

If you are a Residential landlord and you have found that your property has been squatted, we can advise that this is a criminal offence and these squatters can be removed by police under Section 144 Legal aid, sentencing and punishment of offenders act 2012 (LASPO)..


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